Let’s bring an Australian racing icon to the National Motor Museum!

We need YOUR help to bring the great Chamberlain 8 to Birdwood!

You can help fuel the National Motor Museum’s ambitions to add more significant vehicles to its collection and bring the great Australian-made Chamberlain 8 Grand Prix car (fondly known as the ‘beetle’) to Birdwood by making a tax-deductible donation.
The Chamberlain 8 is rare and precious. We ask for your support to help fund its acquisition by the History Trust of South Australia’s National Motor Museum, where it will be displayed for all to see.

Make a tax deductible donation. 100% of proceeds guaranteed towards vehicle acquisition for the National Motor Museum.

The Chamberlain 8 is one of Australia’s best documented and preserved Grand Prix cars. First built in 1928 it was an ingenious concept of famed engineers and brothers Bob and Bill Chamberlain. Many felt that the shape of the Chamberlain’s chassis and the manner in which the wheels stretched out made it look like a flying creature, which led to the origin of its nickname the ‘beetle’.

As an Australian Special,  the Chamberlain is an example of the vehicles that characterised the country’s racing scene between 1920 and 1960. If the National Motor Museum acquires the Beetle it will have the best collection of Australian Grand Prix cars in the world. The Chamberlain will sit besides other racing legends such as the 1952 WM Holden Cooper Bristol and the 1935 Hudson Special.


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